About the Artist

Soul Inversion

Adam Carico (care’-ick-oh) is a graduate of the Minnesota State University Moorhead Graphic Communications program with an emphasis in Multimedia Development. He has been working with web design since 1997 when he began learning HTML from scratch, and from that point on he’s found a neverending appetite for the creative process. Adam has spent many years honing his skills in both web and graphic design, photography, and most recently, audio production—previously under the watchful eyes of MSUM music professors Ryan Jackson and Darin Karnes, and now, tentatively, on his own.

Outside of his work with graphic communication, Adam likes to play golf, disc golf, bowling, and ping-pong. He is also a songwriter/vocalist/guitarist and has been a part of numerous local bands. Adam is a frequent attendee of movies and concerts, and he is always looking forward to the next roadtrip to the Twin Cities for the next concert/tour that comes through The Great Northern Blank.

Adam’s Top 10 Albums

The top 5 are solid, but the rest are pretty much in constant flux (and could be listed well into the hundreds, but hell with that).

  1. Ocean Machine - Devin Townsend
  2. October Rust - Type O Negative
  3. My Arms, Your Hearse - Opeth
  4. Extension of the Wish - Andromeda
  5. Master of Puppets - Metallica
  6. City - Strapping Young Lad
  7. Obsolete - Fear Factory
  8. The Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera
  9. In Absentia - Porcupine Tree
  10. Eternity - Anathema